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The Best Rated Linux Distros


Do you always seem to find yourself on Google looking for the next best Linux Distro?

If so then I want to show you Distrowatch.com. Here you will find the highest rated Distros voted by its popularity and not it’s actual usage.


Above you can see the top 10 distros, rated by there HPD (Hits Per Day). This site makes it easy to find a massive selection of distros for you to try out, just click on any of the links and you will be taken to a page with more information.

It’s also good to watch for any fast rising distros like Solus made it’s more to the top 10 in a few months, and prior to that no one really had heard of it.

Distrowatch explains itself better than I ever can, so all I can suggest is to go to there site and find that Distro you have been looking for!


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