Class Work

Techdox in 2017 (Week 11)

When I first started Techdox back in 2013, it was nothing special and had no meaning attached to it. Over the years I stuck to a specific area and tried to go as deep as possible with it, from my first video on how to scan a Harddrive for faults, to settings up an NFS share in a Virtual Environment.

My goal with Techdox is to turn it into a business and work for myself in a field I love, to me that is the perfect job, until then I have constantly blogged on my main website, as well as here, and I am also constantly learning and sharing what I can across my Youtube channel.

I don’t get a massive amount on my channel, which is to do with I only post maybe once a week, or even every second week and the key to Youtube is nearly daily videos. I still get my fair few viewers from around the world though, here is a snip of the last 48 hours on my latest video.


It’s a nice feeling to know my videos are going beyond New Zealand and others are reaching them, I also promote all my videos on Facebook that’s really the only reason I use it.

I’m unsure on how I will approach my channel once I have graduated, and I hope I can stick with it and improve it but time will only tell.



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