Linux Banter

Linux and Gaming

You may have heard about how Linux and gaming do not go together and how hard it is to even play an AAA game on it, well I am here to show you some FACTS!

Linux has always had a bad name when it comes to Linux, and sure back a few years ago it was a pain to play games, as a lot of game devs did not support Linux at all. Since the Steam OS came out which is based on Linux the support has gone through the roof, today looking at the Linux games on Steam we can see over 2000 games and many of those being AAA games!


Now there is an issue that I found that as long as Linux only supports OPEN GL it will not be a great choice for gamers, as nearly every game today is Direct X which is the downside of gaming for Linux.

The issue here is that people don’t use Linux because game devs don’t tend to support it, and game devs don’t support it because people don’t use it… So you get this round and round cycle that has been happening for years now.

This one the main reason I switch from Linux back to Windows for my daily OS, as must as I love Linux it just falls sort of the programs I need, and sure open source is great but sometimes it just does not provide what I need. eg. Office 365 and Adobe products.

In the end, Linux still has an amazing bright future for gaming and I can’t wait to see where it is five years from now.



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