Class Work

Datacom, My Chosen Business

For my business for assignment three, I have chosen Datacom as not only do I wish to work there after I graduate, I am also really interested what they offer to their clients and what their client’s expectations are of them.

If you don’t know Datacom in a business who have clients across NZ, Australia, USA and Asia. They handle anything from Cloud Services, Software Dev, managing IT and also Payroll.

They nearly have 5000 staff members located in 30 different offices around the world!

What I love about Datacom is watching some of the Youtube videos students who have gotten jobs there, and how passionate they are about their job and how excited they are because of the welcoming they are given from Datacom.

Datacom also host great events around New Zealand, for example, the Hack Nelson event on in November, which I wish I could make but its smack in the middle of my assignments *sob*

Datacom is a really exciting business to explore and find out about and that is why I have chosen them for this assignment.

Here is the hack nelson link.


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