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Second Community I am In: Reddit


Reddit is a huge forum type of website that has many subreddits which are forums that are dedicated to a specific subject, and the one I am in is a Linux subreddit.

Reddit is a very active community which means most of its subreddits are as well, especially the Linux subreddit.


Reddit works by a point system, so when you post something good that people like they can upvote your post which pushes it to the top and allows more people to see your post and get involved,

I only recently connected to the Linux Subreddit but my first post reach over 100 people and got a lot of interest, it was about the new kick starter for a Linux based smartphone.


Here is a link to the post if you would like to read more into it.

Just like most forums, this one has its own rules which can be easily found on the right-hand side of the page.


Since this Subreddit has a big number of people they help this subreddit enforce these rules and posts are quickly taken down if they go against the rules listed.

I really encourage people to look into Reddit if you don’t as I’m sure you are bound to find a subreddit you are interested in.




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