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Online Safety and Privacy

When it comes to Online Safety and Privacy on the internet, everyone has their own idea about what that really is.

When it comes to social media a lot of people fail to realise how open and public their profiles are by default, and the information they are giving to the world.

By default facebook users posts, images, likes, and shares are public for anyone to see, and new users will have no idea about it and or how to disable it. Now, this goes for more than Facebook, it goes for any site that you sign up for and use regularly because when you skip that terms and conditions you have no idea what you are signing up for.

What could go so badly?

The Social App Snapchat recently released an update that shows where you friends are while they are using the app, now if you are like me and only have your actual friends added then it’s not a biggy (you can turn this feature off) but what about users who have hundreds of ‘friends’? Do you really want random people knowing where you are at a specific time?

Image result for snapchat see people's location


Now, how do you protect yourself when it comes to the internet?

Before you decide to take the plunge into the newest social network, make sure you understand what infomation you are giving to this company, how secure is your information, and make sure you know how to secure your profile and make it private and hidden from randoms on the internet.

It really comes down to common sense, but sometimes it’s so hard to contain yourself when everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and you are sitting there worried about your privacy and missing out. If there is one thing I wish I could have never signed up for, it would be Facebook… The amount of information they must have on me would be scary to know.

Now you might be going “Hey Techdox I never use Facebook, I use a hidden away forum used by a certain community my information is safe!” WRONG!

Ever heard of Geo tagging?

What’s Geo tagging? well, when you take a picture on your cellphone and upload it to that awesome forum do you realise how much information (Meta Data) can potentially be stored in it?

  • Your device model and make
  • The date and time
  • And… Your location

Sites like are made to find out that specific information, so think twice before uploading and also think first, sign up second.




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