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Where does Linux Sit in 2017?

When someone asks me “How did you get Windows to look like that” and I reply “oh, it’s Linux” and they reply “What is Linux?” It makes me think, how many people actually use Linux.

Well, I got to searching a post in July by OMGUbuntu they listed Linux having a 2.36% market share. Now you may say that’s not a lot.. well let me show you this.

linux marketshare june 2017


Now let’s look at this and break it down a little.

Windows has 91.51% of the market and Mac has 6.12% and that surprised me because everyone is so familiar with Mac but they only have a 6% market share.

Then Linux has 2.36% now sure it’s less than half of Mac but it’s still a really good figure for something that most people are not even familiar with.

Now I must say that these results can vary, and this may not be an exact percentage for each party.

What does this say? How does Mac only have 3.76% more over Linux but is so well known? One word ‘Marketing’ remember Apple is nearly or now is a trillion dollar business, meanwhile, Linux remains free and open source.

Linux is a community/family that is spread by word and mouth, and for it to have that much of the market share is a good sign for the growth and use of Linux in the future.

Another sign is Windows supporting the Bash Terminal in Windows 10, also nearly every website now is running some form of Linux distro as its backend, especially

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their Friday and has a great Weekend.


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