Linux Banter

Why Do Most People Dislike Linux?

People use their computer for different reasons, be that office work, gaming, video editing or just internet browsing.

People want something that will fill all their needs in one go, and that’s where the issue is with Linux, and I have had the same issue myself and that is I find it specific to a small audience.

if you have followed my main blog Techdox you will know I used Linux for about two months to see how it is as a daily OS, and you will also know I switched back to Windows because it was not working for me. Now I can’t speak for everyone but over the time I have found out the main reasons why Linux is disliked;

  1. It can be intimidating because you need to use the terminal to install programs 9/10 times
  2. It does not support Microsoft products like Word and Outlook
  3. No support for Adobe products
  4. Small market for gamers
  5. Can be unstable at times

Now with the reasons listed above, people will still argue that you can still use office 365 online to use Word and Outlook, but for me who might be out of internet range that is not an option.

The other reason is gamers don’t like being restricted to what they can and can’t play just because of their operating system, why restrict yourself when you can use Windows right?

Now like I said, I can’t speak for every Linux user but as a daily OS it does not work for me, but I still use it on my study laptop as a dual boot and that works just fine for me.

So in the end, I believe users will still prefer Windows until the day Adobe/Microsoft decide to support Linux with their software.


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