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Managing my online identity

In this blog, I am going to cover how I manage Techdox via Social Media and why I went with the platforms I did.

For me to explain this the best I can, I want to explain why I decided to create Techdox and what my overall goal is.

I made Techdox in the first year of my degree with the idea to provide helpful online tutorials for students, I focused on networking as that is my major and what I found I was good at.

The Techdox blog then came to life and I started blogging about anything Tech related, and then came Techdox Linux.

I decided to make a Linux blog because a lot of Linux users do not want to see Windows content when their daily OS is Linux which is fair, it’s the same as Windows users don’t want to see Linux content etc..

So my platforms I have ended up using is as follows;

  • Youtube – This allows me to create Vlogs/Tutorials
  • Twitter – To promote my Youtube videos and my blogs
  • Facebook – Same reason as Twitter
  • Blog – Heart and Soul of Techdox

These platforms really work well together as they all link in one way or another, and are compatible with each other, as my blog has my Twitter feed on the right, and I can put my Youtube videos on my blog just by copy and pasting.

Another reason I wanted to do Vlogs is that I feel it adds a face to the brand, and people then associate my Logo ‘Simon the Floppy Drive’ to me and vice-versa. Techdox yt logo

I felt that if I made a logo to go with my brand it really makes it stand out from others, as just by placing this logo, my community knows who it is and what to expect to see. It’s taken about 3 years but it’s getting to the point where people recognize the logo and know exactly what it stands for, and that is what I want my end result to be.


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