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Arch Linux and Architect

Linux users who have spent even a short amount of time in the community will know of Arch Linux, and distros built from Arch but what about people who are new to Linux?

In this blog, I will discuss what Arch Linux is and the pros and cons for new users vs using Architect

Arch Linux

Arch Linux is a Linux distribution that was released in 2002 with no specific audience in mind. Arch Linux runs a pacman package manager which has a little learning curve for those use to Ubuntu’s package manager.

New users tend to go for a Linux distribution that has a GUI interface and an easy to follow installation, but this is where Arch is different and tends to scare a lot of people off.

Unlike Ubuntu or Mint, Arch is installed completely in the terminal via commands, and when I say completely I mean it.

Below are the main steps taken when installing Arch.

  1. Manually making partitions on the hard drive
  2. Manually mount and unmount drives
  3. Set the keyboard layout
  4. Update the system clock
  5. create the system users
  6. Set the region
  7. Install GRUB
  8. Install all drivers
  9. And install a desktop environment eg. Gnome, KDE etc

Now you may be thinking you do that already in a normal install, but remember there is no GUI it’s all done via commands.

This is why new users run away from Arch and it’s also why Arch is known for its ‘Elite Power User’ community. I do recommend any Linux user to try and install Arch, as it’s a really nice feeling to know you built your system from the ground up, but if the command line is not for you there is another way to install Arch Linux.


Architect has been created as an alternative way to install Arch via a GUI instead of a command line.

Architect Linux Main Menu

As you can see it’s as simple as following a 1 – 8 step installer, which holds your hand through the entire process, there is still a little learning curve to knowing how to configure it but it still saves the headache of inputting a command in wrong etc.

Here is a video for a look at how to install Arch via the Architect installer.



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