Class Work

Deciding My Personal Brand

I decided on Techdox when I first started doing Tech blogs for my networking classes, I enjoyed making these blogs so I decided to make it a bit more personal and turn it into something, and that’s how Techdox was born.

Techdox is about anything Tech related that I am interested in, this can range from Cloud Servers, IoT devices, Networking and Linux.

For the Social media class I decided to split Techdox into a specfic area, and I decided on Linux.

Techdox Linux will cover all forms of Linux that I find interesting, now Linux is a huge area but I am only interested in new distros and big news that might be coming out, and some basic how to guides.

This blog is intended for anyone with a passion in I.T and computers, I decided to blog about Linux because I realised few people actually leave Windows, and yet we say we are into I.T.  I.T is beyond Windows and that’s why Linux.

I aim to bring a non biased opinon on anything I blog about and want to give my honest opinion about anything I discuss, and I hope to convince others to give Linux a try or atleast gain some knowledge that they never knew before.





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