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Why I Prefer Linux Over Windows

I always get asked why I use Linux on my laptop instead of Windows, and in this blog, I will cover my main reason.

  1. Updates

One of the biggest reason I dislike Windows is the forced updates. I think most people can agree that at least one time a Windows update broke some form of their OS, I almost always have issues every update.

Linux, on the other hand, has updates that I can choose to install, as well as updated kernels let me show you.


Here I can choose to update not just my OS but also my programs installed on my OS all in one menu since they are all in my repositories. I can also manage the level of risk of my updates so that I can only install updates that will not have any risk to my OS.

You would think that an OS that I paid for would give me more control over it if I wanted it, but instead, you get forced to update, and if you push them off for too long it will just do it by itself.

Image result for windows forced update

I just feel like I have no control over my devices when I use Windows compared to Linux and it really is quite sad, as it seems every update from Windows they are stripping more and more from the user.

So that my friends is why I use Linux.

Distro Blogs

The Best Rated Linux Distros


Do you always seem to find yourself on Google looking for the next best Linux Distro?

If so then I want to show you Here you will find the highest rated Distros voted by its popularity and not it’s actual usage.


Above you can see the top 10 distros, rated by there HPD (Hits Per Day). This site makes it easy to find a massive selection of distros for you to try out, just click on any of the links and you will be taken to a page with more information.

It’s also good to watch for any fast rising distros like Solus made it’s more to the top 10 in a few months, and prior to that no one really had heard of it.

Distrowatch explains itself better than I ever can, so all I can suggest is to go to there site and find that Distro you have been looking for!

Class Work

Techdox in 2017 (Week 11)

When I first started Techdox back in 2013, it was nothing special and had no meaning attached to it. Over the years I stuck to a specific area and tried to go as deep as possible with it, from my first video on how to scan a Harddrive for faults, to settings up an NFS share in a Virtual Environment.

My goal with Techdox is to turn it into a business and work for myself in a field I love, to me that is the perfect job, until then I have constantly blogged on my main website, as well as here, and I am also constantly learning and sharing what I can across my Youtube channel.

I don’t get a massive amount on my channel, which is to do with I only post maybe once a week, or even every second week and the key to Youtube is nearly daily videos. I still get my fair few viewers from around the world though, here is a snip of the last 48 hours on my latest video.


It’s a nice feeling to know my videos are going beyond New Zealand and others are reaching them, I also promote all my videos on Facebook that’s really the only reason I use it.

I’m unsure on how I will approach my channel once I have graduated, and I hope I can stick with it and improve it but time will only tell.


Distro Blogs

Make Your Own Linux Distro!

Ever wanted to make your own Linux Distro but never want to go through the hassle of compiling kernels?

Well, do I have a treat for you!

SUSE Studio is a website where you can create your own customized Linux Distro right out of the box. The way it works is that you start by choosing a base template.


And then give it a super name!


Now you can choose the software you want.


Now it’s time to fine-tune it, by adding your user and logo etc.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now we can choose how we want to use this, I’m going to set it as a live ISO.


And then hit that build button!

And now your Linux Distro is on its way.


Now, this was a very simple creation but people can get very detailed using SUSE Studio, and it’s a fun thing to do if you have some spare time and wish to tinker around with it. This was actually my first experience with Linux as I use to create distros when I was younger, with no idea what packages I was adding or how to even use Linux once it was installed.

Once it’s created just put it into a hypervisor and have a blast with your new OpenSUSE Distro, and if you do end up making one make sure to send me a link to it as I would love to check out your creation.



Class Work

Datacom, My Chosen Business

For my business for assignment three, I have chosen Datacom as not only do I wish to work there after I graduate, I am also really interested what they offer to their clients and what their client’s expectations are of them.

If you don’t know Datacom in a business who have clients across NZ, Australia, USA and Asia. They handle anything from Cloud Services, Software Dev, managing IT and also Payroll.

They nearly have 5000 staff members located in 30 different offices around the world!

What I love about Datacom is watching some of the Youtube videos students who have gotten jobs there, and how passionate they are about their job and how excited they are because of the welcoming they are given from Datacom.

Datacom also host great events around New Zealand, for example, the Hack Nelson event on in November, which I wish I could make but its smack in the middle of my assignments *sob*

Datacom is a really exciting business to explore and find out about and that is why I have chosen them for this assignment.

Here is the hack nelson link.

Linux Banter

Linux and Gaming

You may have heard about how Linux and gaming do not go together and how hard it is to even play an AAA game on it, well I am here to show you some FACTS!

Linux has always had a bad name when it comes to Linux, and sure back a few years ago it was a pain to play games, as a lot of game devs did not support Linux at all. Since the Steam OS came out which is based on Linux the support has gone through the roof, today looking at the Linux games on Steam we can see over 2000 games and many of those being AAA games!


Now there is an issue that I found that as long as Linux only supports OPEN GL it will not be a great choice for gamers, as nearly every game today is Direct X which is the downside of gaming for Linux.

The issue here is that people don’t use Linux because game devs don’t tend to support it, and game devs don’t support it because people don’t use it… So you get this round and round cycle that has been happening for years now.

This one the main reason I switch from Linux back to Windows for my daily OS, as must as I love Linux it just falls sort of the programs I need, and sure open source is great but sometimes it just does not provide what I need. eg. Office 365 and Adobe products.

In the end, Linux still has an amazing bright future for gaming and I can’t wait to see where it is five years from now.


Class Work

Protecting Intellectual Property (IP)

Major IP/Copyright issues on Social Platforms

When it comes to copyright, the definition of what that actually means and what happens if you violate it depends on the platform.

For example Facebook.

Facebook has so many copyright infringements every day and nothing happens about it. Have you scrolled down your news feed and seen all these funny videos? Chances are the person posting it does not have permission to actually share that video, and they tend to never give credit to the original owner.

For example, have you ever been on Facebook when a major sports event is on? Facebook becomes a hub for illegal streaming, sure they get shut down but a number of streams that pop up during the event it’s pretty easy to find another.

For example;


I can sympathise with Facebook because millions of posts are posted a day and it’s nearly impossible to catch every single stream, but the issue is still there.

Now, who has it right?

The one Social Media platform I think has a pretty good hold on it is Youtube.

Youtube is very quick with stomping out copyright and theft of IP. When I first uploaded my Youtube video I added Rob Zombie to the background of some Sims 2 video and there was some form of a check before it was posted, because as soon as it was live the music was removed.

Now there is still a grey area with the term ‘Free Use’ on Youtube, as a lot of YouTubers may record themselves watching a video that another Youtuber has recorded and give criticism on it.

A popular Youtuber H3H3 does this has had an ongoing court case because of a specific video, and he ended up winning because of fair use and the way he structured his video.

From the video, it was all about how he was doing his videos, a lot of YouTubers just show 100% footage of another users video which is cause for a Copyright strike.

How the Copyright and Copyleft systems protects IP

Copyright is the most strict way to protect your property, this says that you do not give permission for anyone copy or sell of your work without the owners’ permission.

Where copyleft is a bit different.

For example, Linux runs on a copyleft system where the Linux kernel is available for anyone to use, modify and redistribute but users can place their own copyright into their documentation when building their own distros, stating that the user is free to redistribute and copy the Distro but not modify it in any way.


A demonstration of how you are protecting your own IP

I copyright all of my material on my website  and by default, all my Youtube videos are protected by Youtubes copyright rules and I have full right to pull down anything I believe is an attempt to steal or copy my work, for example.



The issue here is that when I tell users to come to my channel and they see this, it can be confusing for them, the logo does help though. I have made a request to Youtube and I am awaiting a reply.







Class Work

Second Community I am In: Reddit


Reddit is a huge forum type of website that has many subreddits which are forums that are dedicated to a specific subject, and the one I am in is a Linux subreddit.

Reddit is a very active community which means most of its subreddits are as well, especially the Linux subreddit.


Reddit works by a point system, so when you post something good that people like they can upvote your post which pushes it to the top and allows more people to see your post and get involved,

I only recently connected to the Linux Subreddit but my first post reach over 100 people and got a lot of interest, it was about the new kick starter for a Linux based smartphone.


Here is a link to the post if you would like to read more into it.

Just like most forums, this one has its own rules which can be easily found on the right-hand side of the page.


Since this Subreddit has a big number of people they help this subreddit enforce these rules and posts are quickly taken down if they go against the rules listed.

I really encourage people to look into Reddit if you don’t as I’m sure you are bound to find a subreddit you are interested in.